Questions & Answers

Q1. Can we supply our own items for embroidery?

A1: Yes, you can supply your own materials and items for us, but we are in the postiion of being able to not only supply, but also source items that  you may have difficulty finding

2. What is the general lead time?

A Usually 2-3 days,depending on stock availability. If you require something urgently

you may need to speak with us.


3. Can you source items and materials for us?

A Yes,


4. Can you put names and numbers onto garments?

A  Yes,names and/or numbers are no problem.You can also choose the font you want.


5. Can I have just one item embroidered?

A Absolutely


6. Where can I pick up my items from?

A 10 Cardwell St


at the arranged times


7. Do you participate in any markets?


A Yes we attend The Gisborne Olde Time Market on the 1st Sunday of each month.

W also attend other individual markets .These will be listed on the website as details become available.

8. What is the cost of postage?

A. Postage varies because of the variety of products, sizes, weight etc.

But we will try to provide this info. for each item listed.


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